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Policies and Procedures

Vision Statement

Our vision of Vado Elementary is a place of learning in which children receive the most effective differentiated instruction to meet the diverse individual needs. The Dual Language Program will preserve and foster bi-literacy and our students' biculturalism. Our students make gains in literacy, language and mathematics assessments. 

Mission Statement

The students, parents, and staff at Vado Elementary are committed to providing a safe and inspiring environment that is conducive to academic and social success. Student achievement will be obtained by attending school every day and being held accountable for their own learning. Parents will be encouraged and empowered to support their children by demonstrating active participation. The school will employ highly qualified educators to implement a curriculum that supports best practices that will benefit our students through scientific research-based assessments, common core standards and data analysis of district and statewide assessments. 

Stallion's Daily Schedule


7:30 am 

K-1st Meet in the Library, Breakfast in the Classroom. 

2nd-6th Breakfast in the Cafeteria

7:45 am Morning Announcements
7:45 am Tardy Bell
10:30 am Kinder Lunch
10:35 am 1st Grade Lunch
10:40 am 2nd Grade Lunch
11:15 am 3rd Grade Lunch
11:20 am 4th Grade Lunch
12:00 pm 5th Grade Lunch
12:05 pm 6th Grade Lunch
2:25 pm Afternoon Announcements
2:30 pm Student Dismissal
3:00 pm  End Of Work Day

Time for School

Early Departure / Salida Anticipada

● Students leaving early must be signed out at the front office.
● All students must be signed out in person by a parent/guardian in the front office.

● Los estudiantes que se van temprano deben registrarse en la oficina principal.
● Todos los estudiantes deben estar firmados personalmente por un padre / tutor en la oficina principal.

Book of Education

Tardy Policy / Politicas De Tardanza

Late Arrivals
● Students arriving after 7:45 am must sign in at the front office.
● Students must be escorted in and signed in by a parent/guardian.

Llegadas tardías
● Los estudiantes que lleguen después de las 7:45 am deben registrarse en la oficina principal.
● Los estudiantes deben ser acompañados y firmados por un padre / tutor.

Dismissal Procedures / Procedimentos De Despido

To ensure a safe dismissal we ask for parents' advice office staff of any transportation changes before 2:00 pm, therefore providing staff ample time to notify teachers of the change. For the safety of your child, we will not allow students to get off/on the bus when no verification has been made by the office staff.


Para garantizar un despido seguro, solicitamos al personal de la oficina de asesoramiento de los padres cualquier cambio de transporte antes de las 2:00 p.m., por lo tanto, brindamos al personal suficiente tiempo para notificar a los maestros sobre el cambio. Por la seguridad de su hijo, no permitiremos que los estudiantes se bajen / suban al autobús cuando el personal de la oficina no haya realizado ninguna verificación.

Bus Stop

Compulsory Attendance Letter from District Attorney

This letter is to inform Students that in cooperation with Public School in Dona Ana County, the District Attorney will continue to enforce the Compulsory School Attendance Law.


Esta carta es par informar a los estudiantes que el fiscal de Distrito, continuara aplicando la Ley de Asistencia Escolar obligatoria.

Dress and Grooming

The dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.
Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they
comply with the following:

Clothing not allowed on any campus in the District:

  •  Unbuttoned shirts
  •  Oversized baggy pants - Pant leg not to exceed 5” extended from leg
  •  Clothing sizes will match the bodies on which they are worn.
  • Pants are to be secured at the waist, using a belt or suspenders, if necessary.
  • Shoes are the only item of dress that may be worn touching the floor or ground. 
  • Clothing or articles with wording, pictures, or acronyms that promote alcohol, the occult, tobacco,
    drugs, profanity, sexually suggestive, gang affiliation or are defamatory of any individual or group.
  • Clothing colors and articles which are gang related as determined by each school’s administration will not
    be allowed.
  • Military type buckles with initials and/or belts with dangling ends
  • Bandanas or "colors"
  • Hairnets
  • Skirts/shorts less than mid-thigh length or "hot pants"
  • Undershirts worn as outer garments, tank tops or muscles shirts (width of a strap should be 3” or more)
  • Steel-toed shoes or boots
  • Jewelry or accessories that could be used as a weapon (e.g. wallet chains, studded articles)
  • Blouses and Shirts need to be appropriately worn.
  • Under the Principal’s directive, students will be required to wear only approved cap and gown to include
    school colors during High School Graduation.

Dress for Success

Vestido Y Aseo

El código de vestimenta se establece para enseñar el aseo y la higiene, previene la alteración y minimiza los
peligros de seguridad. Los estudiantes y los padres pueden determinar los estándares personales de vestimenta y
aseo de un estudiante siempre que cumplan con lo siguiente:

No se permite vestimento en ningún campus del distrito:

  •  Camisetas desabrochadas
  • Pantalones demasiado grande-la pierna del pantalón no debe de exceder 5" de la pierna
  • Los tamaños de ropa coincidirán con la talla del cuerpo del estudiante.
  • Los pantalones deben ser asegurados en la cintura, usando un cinto o tirantes, si es necesario.
  • Los zapatos son el único elemento de vestir que puede tocar el suelo.
  • Prendas de vestir o artículos con escritura, imágenes o acrónimos que promuevan el alcohol, el
    ocultismo, el tabaco, las drogas, las blasfemias, sexualmente sugerentes, la afiliación a pandillas o
    difamatoria de cualquier individuo o grupo.
  • Los colores de la ropa y los artículos que están relacionados con pandillas según lo determinado por la
    administración de cada escuela no serán permitidos.
  • Hebillas de tipo militar con iniciales y/o cinturones con extremos colgantes
  • Bandanas o "colores"
  • Redecillas
  • Faldas/shorts menos que la mitad de la longitud del muslo
  • Camisas usadas como prendas externas, camisetas de tirantes o de músculos (una correa debe ser de 3"o más de
  • Zapatos o botas de punta de acero
  • Joyería o accesorios que podrían ser utilizados como un arma (por ejemplo, cadenas de billetera, artículos
  • Blusas y camisas deben ser usados apropiadamente.
  • Bajo la directiva del director/a, los estudiantes deberán usar solo el gorro y la toga/capa aprobados para
    incluir los colores escolares durante la graduación de la escuela preparatoria.